Hima Das: Six Gold Medals Wins in 21 days by Indian athlete’s history

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Hima Das

Six Gold Medals 🏅 wins in 21 days by Indian athlete’s history

In the world of sports, athlete Hima Das retained the gold medal in the Track and Field Competition held in the Czech Republic. By winning six gold medals in 21 days, the Hema has done the show, it has become history. Want to know what is the secret of this extraordinary achievement? Let’s find out from his close friend Palash, from where does he come from Hima, such courage?

The champions are different, they think differently from the crowd and when it comes to color, then it becomes history. Hema Das has emerged as such a champion. It has been the first time in the world for the first time since the Jakarta Asian Games, and today it has become the star of everybody’s eyes. This 18-year-old teenager is shocked by her performances today. Has become the inspiration for all of us as well as athletes.


He had won the silver medal in breaking the national record in the Jakarta Asian Games, but this year, in the track and field competition organized by the Czech Republic, winning six gold medals in 21 days, Hima has done that, it is not normal. During this competition, Hima took the gold medal by taking the time of 51.46 seconds in the 400 meter race and she became the first Indian woman athlete to achieve this feat.


How can one perform the best of this level continuously in such a short time? On this, his close friend and childhood friend Palash says, ‘He knows his goal. His only goal is to make timing better for every contest. In this sequence, he gets medal too. “That is, the goal of Hima is to achieve medal, to reduce its timing to the best level. According to Palash, Hima is cool by winning medal, because her goal is less on medal, more on her performance. For this, he works hard and challenges himself every time. For this, the big father in the house encourages him, his elder brother.


According to Palash, Hima is stubborn from the beginning. We lose, but it remains intact until it achieves the target. In this sequence, Palash also recites an anecdote. The last time he returned after winning a competition in the village and went to meet friends first. Hima is the only girl in her six friends who is very fond of running the bike. Someone in the friends has said that come on a bike race, then he does not think that he has to refuse. He runs the race and wins it. He is always looking forward. Whether it’s a case of escape or help of friends.


When it comes to help, it is worth mentioning that Hima has donated a large part of its prize money to Assam flood victims. This kind of emotional step for a new player is a commendable and inspiring initiative. Here’s what Palash says, ‘Whenever there is talk on Whatsapp, the first question is only on flood conditions in Assam. His family is also struggling with it. But do not be overly sad because we do not talk much about it. They change the thing by asking them to focus on the game. ‘

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