Hima Das Biography (Athlete) Age, Height, Weight, Wiki, Family, Caste & Net worth

Hima Das Biography (Athlete) Age, Height, Weight, Wiki, Family, Caste & Net worth

Hima Das Biography (Athlete) Age, Height, Weight, Wiki, Family, Husband, Caste & Net worth

Introduction to the life of Hima Das Biography in Hindi

Hima Das biography introduction (Hima Das Biography in Hindi, Age, Height, 400m Gold, Family In Hindi)

Indian racer Hima Das has created a new history on the land of Finland and has become the first woman in our country to finish the 400 meters race of the IAAF World U-20 Athletics Championship in the first place. Hima, who came from Assam’s Kisan family, started training to run his coach in the year 2017 and in a very short time he got mastered in the race.

Name: Hima Das
Nickname: Dhing Express, Mon Jai and Golden Girl
Birthday: January 9, 2000
Birthplace: Dhing, Asamnag
Height : 5’5″
Weight: 55 KG
Education from Assam (Education)
Religion: Hinduism
Occupation: Track and field
Record: World U-20 Athletics Championship (400 meters race)
Favorite Sport: Football, Racing

Hima Das Biography (Athlete) Age, Height, Weight, Wiki, Family, Caste & Net worth

Birth of Hima Das, Family, and Education

Hima Das was born in Dhing Village of Assam State of India and her parent’s name is Jomali and Ranjit Das.

His father cultivates rice in his state, while his mother handles the house. In the 18-year-old Hema’s family, she has five brothers and sisters beside her parents, and she is the youngest daughter of her parents.

There is no information available about Hima Das, how many studies he has studied and from which school he has studied.

Hima Das to become a Racer

Hima Das had been inclined towards the sport since childhood and played many types of sports since childhood. It is said that Hima played football together with the boys during her school days, and during this time her stamina was greatly increased. Because of which they did not get tired as quickly as they ran.

The advice of Hima to be a racer was first given by the teacher of Physical Education of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya. After this, Hima started putting his attention in racing and started to take part in various competitions related to race.

Due to a lack of running track facility, Hima had started racing practice in the soil soccer field in the early days of her career.

Hima Das Career


Event(s): 100 m, 200m, 300m and 400 m

Personal best records:
100 m – 11.74 seconds (2018)
200 m – 23.10 seconds (2018)
400 m – 50.79 seconds (2018)

Coached by

1. Nipon Das

2. Nabajit Malakar

3. Galina Bukharina


In the year 2017, Hima met with his coach, Nipun Das, during the inter-district competition organized by the Directorate of Sports and Youth Welfare.

In this competition, Hima took part in the race of 100 meters and 200 meters, and the race was played by Hima cheaply wearing shoes. Hima had achieved the first place in both of these races and was surprised at seeing the speed at which he ran it.

Seeing the race of Hima, the accomplished slave had expressed the desire to train him and he had brought Hima to Guwahati along with him. Hima’s family was very poor, so while giving training to Hima in Guwahati, the entire cost of her stay was done by her coach.

Initially, the accomplished had prepared them for 200 meters race and as soon as their stamina grew, they started running on a trek of 400 meters instead of 200 meters.

Hima Das International career

Hima took part in the 200-meter race of the Asian Youth Championships held in Bangkok and finished this race in seventh place.

18-year-old Hima Das had recently participated in India’s Commonwealth Games in Australia. However, he did not perform well in this game and was in sixth place in the 400-meter final.

After the Commonwealth Games, Hima participated in the World Athletics Championship Track Competition and also won the Competition.

Record created by Hima Das

Recently, it has become such an Indian lady, who has won gold at the World Athletics Championship Track Competition. Before this, no Indian woman has managed to win the four hundred meters race of the IAF World Under-20 Championship. He completed the 400 meters race in 51.46 seconds and got the first place.

Hima Das made history by winning 5 gold medals in 1 month

Hima Das has illuminated the country by getting a gold medal in the 400 meters race Saturday in the Nove Mesto, Czech Republic. He took 52.09 seconds in this race competition, although these speeds are less than his best speed so far. From July 2, 2019, to July 22, 2019, Hima has made the country proud by getting 5 gold medals in various competitions in Europe.

For the first time in July, Hima completed 200 meters race in 23.65 seconds on July 2 and won the gold medal in the Poznan Athletics Grand Prix in Poland.

After this, on July 8, he had won the gold medal in Poland by completing the 200 meters race in 23.97 seconds in Kitten Athletics Meet,

Then for the third time on July 13, he won the gold medal in the 200 meters race with 23.43 seconds in Kladno Athletics Meet in the Czech Republic and the Kuchch Republic

For the fourth time on July 17, at the Tabor Athletic Meet, he also won the gold medal in 200 meters, in this way he was the fifth gold medal this month.

After the Asian Athletics Championship held in April, this is the best performance of Hima, in which Hima could not complete the 400-meter race, after which she has just taken part in the 400-meter race.

Other information related to Hima Das –

After winning the gold of Hima Das, they are being congratulated by several politicians, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President of our country, and everyone has praised him through his Twitter account.

Due to the weak English language of this female player, they were made fun by making a tweet by the Indian Athletics Association. Indeed, when he won the IAAF World U-20 Athletics Championship’s 400m race semi-final, then there was a tweet about his language by the Indian Athletics Association, and he made fun of them.

However, after winning the Das finals, the Indian Athletics Association apologized for their tweets.


It is expected that in the coming time, Hima will make many more records and bring more medals for our country. Seeing the struggles of Hima’s life, more people can be inspired by them and become the best players.

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